Sales in all responded to the mail gives me my paypal. If you want my answers or delivery was made at other address, please contact me


Email delivery: 24 hours or 48 hours upon purchase!
If you do not recieve the file(s) that you ordere within this time period,
please let me know to marcelasdesign.ventas (at) gmail.com

All of my products are delivered in winzip-files.
You will need Winzip or another similair program
to extract the graphics

And a email needed to accept shipments email attachments and compressed files in winzip

If you buy several packages or collections, each go in separate email to arrive
in perfect condition and you have control of your purchase

::: Purchaseware :::

All products in the shop and my club are ready to shop.
The purchase and payment is made you immediately.

Deliver your orders within 24 hours - 48 hours.

If paying by check, the supply is only enabled me paypal payment and advise me to do so.
Before payment no delivery.

::: Member Area or Club :::

Enabling account for members who assembled at Marcela's Design Club is made in 24 hours 48 hours (depending on whether or not weekend) where you send the information requested at the time of joining:

url (if any)
paypal email: