Generals Terms
I allways link back to with a visible link on every page used my creations
DO NOT use my designs on FREE SITE or FREE MEMBERSHIP.
If you have any licensed MD can not offer my designs on free sites or free membership. No exceptions.
My creations are always copyright Marcela's Design. In any sale is not transferred or not sold the copyright, is licensed only for use subject always to my terms
The certificates or logos of their purchases, please display it on the section of their memberships with link to my site.
  You must have the "No Right Click Script", "Disabler IE6 Image Toolbar" and "Disable Script Drop and Drag".
  No change or edit my designs in any way and do not claim my desings as yours.
  Do not share my desings in any milinglist, forums, groups, cd, membership free, or anywhere else.

Line Art - GreyScale
my Line Art are not for AS IS USE.
Copyright of the line art are always to © Marcela's Design
Reselling my lines AS IS is not allowed
  You must give credit if you use my designs and link back to
You may tube the lines if you own a tube license
It is Not allowed to Greyscale my lines and resell them.
  Do Not alter, change, resize, alter or copy my lines and clamim them to be yours.
  Only offer them with their original names.
  Always leave with exibir link to my site on every page where they print it with tubes made my line art.
  This applies to you and to members... No exceptions
The tube license must be displayed on every page where my lines appear with and active link back to
  You can not resell my lineart, not created tutorials, not claim my lineart as your own
  Is you make tubes with my Line Art, you should always ive me credit as follow:
1- credit to lineart ( by Me)
2- credit to tubes (by you)
  Line Art is 100% creations and original by Me and ever is copyright © Marcela's Design
  Do not sell my copyrigth in package Line Art The license is only a license to use, not a license of rights, so you should always refer and refer members to my terms
Tube License holders may offer the colored outlines (not the outlines itself) as tube packs either for profit or in their passwoerd protected members area buth the tubes may NOT be offered As Is.
The tube license must be displayed on every page where my lines appear with and active link back to
  They apply the same terms of use for line art. The only thing that differentiates a greyscale of outlines, is that the greyscale package are pre-COLORED.

Tubes Pack
It is allowed to sell my tubes as webset buy EVER CREDIT AND LINK TO MY SITE
You are allowed to mirror, flip or animatie my tubes.
The Tubes LOGO must be displayed on every page where Tubes appear with and active link back to
Do not share my tubes in membersareas or friends.
Do not recolor my tubes and claim them yours.
Please do not copy my colors, style, shades... Be Creative :o)
Do not allowed to use my tubes for Offline craft for profit. I nedd a SPECIAL LICENSE.

Web Set - Layout - Templates
The WebSet is only for personnal use or your commercial site, but NOT FOR SALE.
Is does not have to removed the credit or link
Each WebSet comes with a image-tutorialto redirect each page to the iframe.
We recommend using the program dreamweaver
  Any question, email me

Premades - Adoptions
Unique graphics that are only sold once
The premade-Adoptions are to be offered, with their certificates, or Member Adoptions-Shop Areas, always giving credit to my site.
When offering my premade-Adoptions use a paragraph with the name of my site
Never alter anything my premade

I reserved the right to change these conditions
of use whenever it deems necessary and without notice. Please read them regularly.
Please contact me if you have more questions